Dog on the beach: salt water and sand, precautions and advice

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Sun, sand, salt air, walks by the sea and naps under an umbrella... Isn't this the holiday we too dream of taking with our dog?

If we decided to bring our four-legged friend the sea, we must remember to take the right precautions and pay attention to all potential dangers.

Some advice for a pleasant experience…

First it is essential to choose a free beach or one dog-friendly establishment with equipped areas, so as to avoid unpleasant encounters with two little tolerant paws.

Let's keep in mind that not all dogs like to enter the water, they can be bad swimmers or even be afraid of the sea, so it's good not to force the dog, give him all the time he needs to discover the water with his movements, definitely avoiding throwing him into the waves to see him swim back towards you we…

Before leaving…

For the holiday to be worthy of the name, let's not forget to bring its name usual food (to avoid problems due to the sudden insertion of a new food), his games (to associate the new experience with something beautiful that he already knows) and his accessories (to remind him of home and already known smells). Movements and change of environment could in fact cause him some difficulties and we should try to do everything possible to make him feel at ease with him. If the journey to get to the vacation spot should be very long, we can think of helping him by administering a natural product to calm him down allowing him to experience the car in a less stressful way.

Just in case, it's good to always have yours with us veterinary booklet and all that is necessary for its well-being (including i emergency medications/supplements such as an anti-vomiting or anti-diarrhea product)

They will definitely come in handy one shampoo, a lotion for cleaning the paws and muzzle, a cream in case of skin lesions and products for its protection (even a natural sunscreen in the presence of white hair or skins particularly sensitive to the sun).

The heat

At the beach we try to reserve one for our dog shadow zone where he can rest, preferably in the wind... why not choose a beach with a beautiful pine forest where you can spend the hottest hours? Let's not forget to always make them available fresh water to drink e to wet his head often.

sea ​​dogDuring the hottest hours, it is good practice to avoid physical exertion (games, ball, jumps, runs), in fact dogs don't sweat like us, and lowering their body temperature during very hot days is already difficult, let's not further complicate their lives by putting them at risk.

To brush every day the dog, perhaps helping us with one detangling and softening lotion, and thinning the hair especially in the areas where it is more concentrated, can help keep the skin healthy, but be careful: we don't completely clip the dog! Let us remember that the coat is a natural protection from the heat and the sun's rays.

Whether we are at the sea or in the mountains, we must still pay close attention to the heat because the risk of a heat stroke it is always high. If the dog has rapid and labored breathing, reddish spots appear on the skin, or slumps sideways in a strange way, we must immediately put him in the shade, refresh him with water and contact the trusted veterinarian or the nearest veterinary facility ... here , before leaving we always look for references from local veterinarians, so as to be ready for any eventuality!

Sea water

Sea water is known to be rich in salt and, if drunk in large quantities, it can cause gastrointestinal disorders even of considerable intensity. We therefore make sure that the dog, perhaps taken by the heat of the experience in the water or because it is an inexperienced swimmer, does not drink too much as it could vomit, have diarrhea or become intoxicated.

Salt can also irritate the eyes , cute of the animal causing itching, redness and dermatitis.

sign of life

For this reason it is of fundamental importance wash the dog well with plenty of fresh water after bathing in the sea. Use one mild shampoo, based on plant extracts, can represent the most suitable and safest solution.

Attention also to otitis, the water that enters the ear canal during the bath can favor (thanks to the warm and humid environment) the proliferation of yeasts, bacteria and infectious agents. As soon as the dog comes out of the water, it is therefore important to dry the ears well, even if the practice is not always welcome. A natural solution for ears it can help us remove the salt and bring the ear back into balance.

The sand

Our dogs love to run on the beach, play, dig holes, roll around and, let's face it, it's a pleasure for us too to see them so euphoric and happy.

But as it will have happened to each of us to "burn" our feet walking on the beach during the hottest hours of the day, we must know that for the dog it is the exact same thing, so let's avoid making them walk on the hot sand during the hottest hours, because they might damage your fingertips, already irritated by the saltiness and the sand itself. In case of burns or lacerations, it is always good to have a soothing cream with us that can help solve these problems.

During beach activities it is not uncommon for dogs to ingest sandwhich can irritate the throat, stomach and intestines, leading to discomfort, vomiting and/or constipation. In these circumstances, we recommend that you consult a veterinarian.

sea ​​dog

Le skin irritations, in addition to being caused by sea salt, they can be the result of prolonged contact with sand. Another reason why, when returning from the beach, it is advisable to always rinse the dog very well with fresh water and any delicate products.

Also 'eye irritation, due to sand in the eyes during games, as well as excessive exposure to the sun, is an annoying danger for the dog. It is good to use a specific eye drops or a specific soothing solutionwhich can reduce itching and irritation. Chamomile and eyebright are plant extracts that are very useful in these cases.

Holiday yes or holiday no?

Obviously vacation yes! With simple precautions and a little common sense, which must not be lacking on any occasion, we can safely enjoy beautiful days at the beach with our pet, giving both moments of fun to share together.


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