Nature, scientific research,
bio-inspiration and wellbeing:
all this is Union BIO

Since 2000, the year of our birth, the passion for nature has led our scientific team to dedicate the results of our studies and research in the phytotherapeutic field to animals and the environment.

We formulate, produce and market natural products resulting from our scientific research for the care and well-being of dogs, cats, horses and for the 'hygiene and protection of the places where we live.

How do we get our products?

In our laboratories, constant scientific research guides us in the development of our formulations. Each formulation is studied and analyzed to achieve the optimal condition of stability, bio-availability and synergy between the various active ingredients.

Where to buy our products?

Ask for them in your trusted pet shop, at the pharmacy (our products are registered in Farmadati) or discover them on our online shop.

We believe in quality, in the environment, in science, in tomorrow: and you?



Our formulations are effective and safe. We have the vocation for products with ingredients of vegetable origin: an ideal that guides us in the business choices, the raw materials used and in all our daily life. For us the future is synonymous with the environment, well-being and protection.



Our products are formulated and the result of a continuous synergy between scientific research, innovation, knowledge of plants and their active ingredients. The collaboration with some Italian universities for the realization of research projects is also precious. Nature speaks! You just need to know how to listen to it.

UB matrix


An extract from the olive tree, subjected to checks at the Institute of Analysis and Research Labor Chimica in collaboration with the University of Siena, is the heart of each of our products. MATRICE U.B. boosts up the properties of medicinal plants and make Union BIO formulations even more effective



Is it possible to clean and sanitize the spaces you live without using harmful chemicals? The answer is Yup: thanks to our studies, we offer you effective and safe formulations. Nature knows how to drive away unwelcome animals without killing them: we have chosen to listen to it and use its ingredients to protect humans, animals and the environment without destroying the balance.



Union BIO has obtained the certification of the Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.
Under the sign Quality Policy.
Our ISO 9001 certified not. 57551.