No to mosquitoes, yes to well-being: what to put in your holiday suitcase


For many of us the holidays are approaching and in the excitement of the departure we must not forget to pack what is necessary so as not to be disturbed by insects, and in particular from mosquitoes, and for regain well-being in case of minor annoyances.


Let's keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes can cause us stress and sleepless nights and if we are enjoying a well-deserved vacation it is good to find a way to keep them away.

To avoid the threat of these insects, whatever our destination - sea, mountains, countryside or camping - let's not forget to bring a repellent and skin protective lotion. If we choose it that is natural, ecological and does not contain chemicals, it will allow us to experience our moments of relaxation in complete tranquillity, even in the presence of children.

Products based on plant extracts and essential oils recognized as repellent for mosquitoes and other insects, such as Citronella, Lavender,Eucalyptus or Geranium, they can represent the perfect defense.

No Flying Insects, repellent for environmental use with an active ingredient of plant origin, it will help keep mosquitoes away. It will also fix any issues with the ants and will make the holiday more peaceful for those who need not to come into contact with dust mites.

Z Pick is a moisturizing and protective lotion with plant extracts of Citronella, Eucalyptus and Geraniol unwelcome to mosquitoes. For the whole family, also suitable for the most sensitive skins. Dermatologically tested.


Other remedies for mosquitoes

To protect ourselves from mosquitoes on vacation, it will be essential to bring them with us Abit in fresh, breathable and light-colored fabrics and make sure that where we will be staying mosquito nets.

Definitely be away from stagnant water and have nearby plant of basil, rosemary, mint and geraniums that give off odors with repellent effect for mosquitoes, will be an excellent remedy to remove them.


Help: a mosquito stung me!

Despite all precautions, we were bitten by an insect. To be ready to intervene, we must not be found without a product for soothe and relieve burning and itching. Again, opting for natural will be safer for adults and children.

Leni Pick, gel based on plant extracts of Arnica, Aloe and Lavender, will come to our aid if we have been bitten by a mosquito, a gadfly or a wasp. It will also be useful if we have an unpleasant encounter with one jellyfish or contact with a stinging plant if we participate in an excursion.


Movement and sport on vacation

Did we come up with the brilliant idea of ​​participating in a sports tournament on the beach? Did we end up with a contracture or a contusion in the evening? Did the air conditioning “give” us an annoying stiff neck?

In these cases we cannot fail to have them with us Arnica Help99! This gel with Arnica and Devil's Claw it will give us immediate relief and help us get back in shape, ready to continue our holiday.


La and gentle cosmetics offers us numerous remedies to be able to live our days with serenity, especially if we are on vacation, and to regain well-being if some annoyance threatens the much desired relaxation.
If we are careful to buy natural products, even on vacation we can contribute to environment protection, with the advantage of protecting and taking care of us safely.



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