Summer: natural protection for the whole family!

repellent mosquitoes
Summer annoyances represent a danger for our 4-legged friends, but the use of chemicals is no different!

Is very important protect our animalsbut it is to do it in a natural way what makes the difference…

The use of products based on plant extracts it allows you to pamper them right away and reduces any risks for them, for us, as well as for the environment.

Discover our natural products for the protection of DOGS, CATS and… of our FAMILY!

Enjoy the outdoors!
Live your outdoor spaces in complete relaxation…

Ready-to-use insect-mite repellent

  • Medical Surgical Unit (Registration of the Ministry of Health n° 20633)
  • Repellent towards tiger mosquitoes, ants e dust mites
  • with geraniole, active ingredient of plant origin
  • Ready to use
  • For environmental treatments
  • No gas spray for professional and non-professional use


Moisturizing and protective lotion

  • It acts as a barrier on the skin making it soft and hydrated and protecting it from external agents
  • With synergistic plant extracts of Citronella ed Eucalyptus e Geraniol which give the product a pleasant fragrance and result unwelcome to mosquitoes
  • Also suitable for more sensitive skin
  • Product dermatologically tested

come dopopuntura

  • Based on plant extracts including Arnica, Aloe, Acacia and Lavender
  • With a calming, refreshing, soothing, decongestant action
  • Ideal to give relief afterwards insect bites (mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horseflies) and after contact with jellyfishstinging plants
  • Also suitable for more sensitive skin such as those of children
  • Non-greasy and leaves a delicate scent
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Without ammonia, alcohol and parabens


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