Horse: complete natural protection

With the arrival of warmer temperatures, horses become insect target which can be dangerous for your health, especially at a dermatological level.

By biting them they can in fact cause strong irritations and be vectors of serious diseases, among which the best known and most widespread Recurring summer dermatitis. Careful prevention by strengthening the horse's defenses and creating an environment unfavorable to insects, it certainly represents the best protection we can offer our four-legged friend.

Natural? Yes it can!

Insects are therefore a threat to our pet's health, but the use of chemicals is no different!

Union BIO has created a line of products based on plant extracts useful for guaranteeing complete natural protection, safe for the horse and for all those lucky enough to be in contact with these wonderful animals.

Complementary feed useful for naturally supporting the immune system and fortifying the horse's body defences. Contains plant extracts, vitamins and mineral salts that help performance and endurance. It does not contain dyes and is not doping.

Ready-to-use lotion rich in plant extracts including Eucalyptus and Mint. Liposoluble oil-gel formulation for better diffusion on the skin. Distributed in the stalls, near the areas most frequented by the horse and during outdoor activities, it protects the animal from discomfort, especially in the hot and humid season. Releases a pleasant fragrance which creates a state of relaxation for the horse and the rider.

Natural protection lotion with barrier effect, especially useful during the hot-humid season. Contains synergistic plant extracts including Rosemary, Tea Tree and Geranium. Ideal in preparation for and after walks and outdoor activities.

Protection from discomfort during walks and outdoor life, especially in the summer season. Available in two pleasantly scented formulations: liquid spray for the coat (New Equinofly) and gel for delicate parts such as the eye contour, ears and perineum (Equinofly Soft). Rich in synergistic plant extracts including Lemongrass and Tea Tree.

Sanitizing detergent for the box, rich in plant extracts. Reduces bad smells, promotes foot health by improving the general well-being of the animal. It creates a physical barrier against external agents and is safe for humans, animals and the environment. To be sprayed on the litter and on the walls of the boxes.


Practical advice

We have said that to make our horse feel good it is essential to avoid contact with external agents that can cause even serious problems.

It therefore becomes important to regularly apply protection products: in the living spaces of the horse and before activities (sports, workouts, walks, etc.).

Back to the box let's not forget to check the horse carefully, paying particular attention to the ears, eyes, legs, tail and areas where the skin is thinner.

For the welfare of our horse:
prevention, protection and a safe environment!



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