Dog and cat proof Christmas

They are coming closer the holidays and for Christmas our homes are filled with decorations, candles and plants! It can happen that we forget that all of this can be dangerous for dogs and cats.

Here are some tips to enjoy a serene and safe Christmas together with our four-legged friends.

Christmas tree

Let's think carefully about where to place ours Christmas tree, if we could lift it off the ground and decorate it with unbreakable decorations, it would be the best solution. We always prefer decorations that don't break if they fall to avoid hurting our pet's paws. And under the tree, for our puppies, what do we wear? They'll love getting some too gift and the options are many. Games, kennels, pillows, snacks and hair care products they will make them happy.

Candles, ribbons and flowers

Beautiful the Candles which create a magnificent Christmas atmosphere! But be careful, let's only put them where they don't run the risk of being hit by our furry and... curious friends!

When we open presents, let's remember not to leave them around ribbons and bows. They can become a dangerous game for our dogs and cats if ingested or if they become entangled! If we want to entertain our cat, if anything, we can leave him some box… will be delighted to play with it.

In this period they could give us some plant. Let's remember that for example the Christmas star, but not only, is toxic for our pets. Better keep them away!

Everyone at the table, but no stress!

Better to avoid leftovers from our tables, too fatty or too salty foods can be bad for dogs and cats. We also keep chocolate and sweets under lock and key… too sweet! They exist commercially snacks and treats designed for animals, if we really want to give them something delicious let's buy them those.

Our pets can suffer the stress associated with the confusion of our homes during the holidays. We try not to overturn their habits too much, making them spend their days as much as possible like the ones they are used to and let us not forget the daily walk with the dog.


If we have thought of moving for the holidays bringing our pet with us, we must organize ourselves taking into account its needs. For the dog, if we don't already have it, let's get the net of separation for the car. If, on the other hand, we go with our cat, for his safety, it will be essential that he be placed in the pet carrier. A produced with plant extracts with a calming action it can help our furry friends to live the journeys more serenely.

No to barrels!

If for us fireworks they represent a festive habit, for our animals they are a real nightmare. In fact, every year thousands of animals are traumatized or run away from their homes disoriented and frightened. During the barrels we try not to leave them alone and reassure them by showing a serene attitude. Again, a product that can promote their peace of mind can be helpful.

Whether we stay home or not, the holiday season is definitely a great time to spend more time with those we love: family, friends and four-legged friends… just a few small tricks are enough to spend happy days.

Happy Holidays to all!


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