Eucalyptus: history, properties and benefits

Let's discover theEucalyptus, its history and its many properties.

Eucalyptus: classification

Di Eucalyptus there are over 600 different species and the most important is theEucalyptus globulus. Plant belonging to the family of myrtaceae, is native to Australia and parts of Indonesia and Tasmania.

It is an evergreen that reaches important heights, even 90 meters. The bark, smooth and ash-grey in color, covers a reddish wood and from the branches hang clusters of flowers and sickle-shaped leaves.

Eucalyptus is known for its balsamic, fluidifying and expectorant properties and is in fact used to help decongest the respiratory tract.

Eucalyptus: a bit of history

The name comes from the Greek "good"and "hide“, in reference to the fact that the petals hide the rest of the flower.

I native Australians they were the first to discover its exceptional properties and used it to treat fever. With the leaves they also prepared compresses to put on wounds and infections. Currently, Eucalyptus plants make up a large part of Australian forests and represent the main source of food for the koalawhich feed on the leaves.

In Europe it arrived in the mid-XNUMXth century when it was imported from Australia.

In Italy, in the garden of the Royal Palace of Caserta, beautiful specimens could already be observed at the end of the 800th century. In the document of the Trappist Fathers of the Tre Fontane Abbey in Rome, dating back to 1876, we read that they used Eucalyptus to cure feverish states. At the beginning of the 900s it was used to reclaim the marshy lands of the Pontine countryside thanks to its deep roots which absorb large quantities of water well.

Today, in addition to being an ornamental plant, the main uses of Eucalyptus concernpharmacological use, phytotherapeutic e cosmetic of its essential oil.
The wood is used as construction wood, firewood and for paper production.

Eucalyptus: benefits and uses

Eucalyptus is mainly known for its activity balsamic, fluidifying of catarrh and cough suppressant.

Essential oil is an ingredient of many pharmaceutical products useful for clearing the airways and relieving symptoms of respiratory diseases such as colds or nasal congestion.

Among its properties also stand out those antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. Its cooling power relaxes muscles and improves blood flow to the area where there is pain and inflammation. A compress based on eucalyptus leaves it can also be used to treat, disinfect and promote the healing of sores and wounds.

But not only that, Eucalyptus is also present in many cosmetic products for its antiseptic and skin regeneration support functions. It is also an excellent ally in counteracting skin problems, especially if oily or acneic.

In aromatherapy it is stimulating, refreshing and promotes concentration. Its antibacterial power also makes it ideal for use in skin care products.hygiene and home care.

The strong aroma of eucalyptus essential oil is also a perfect insect repellent, especially for mosquitoes. Furthermore, this plant is also an important nectar source that allows bees to produce large quantities of honey of eucalyptus.

Also for i four paws Eucalyptus is mainly used to treat diseases of the respiratory system, thanks to its strong balsamic and fluidifying action on the mucus.


Union BIO recommends

For over 20 years, the scientific and working community of Union BIO has dedicated i results of studies and research in the field of phytotherapy formulating safe and effective products. In our laboratories constant updating guides us in the formulation of the products, but above all in the synergy between ingredients of plant origin enhanced by our exclusive MATRIX UB®, registered trademark, extract of the olive tree, fruit of Union BIO scientific research, which strengthens and consolidates the properties of the formulations.

Among our products, here are some that contain the vegetable extract of Eucalyptus:

SEDAGOLA DOG is a complementary feed for dogs based on plant extracts, including Thyme and Eucalyptus, specific for decongesting the upper respiratory tract and relieving symptoms such as cough and irritation, in a safe and natural way. In the changes of season, our animals are also more subject to colds and inflammation of the airways. Sedagola Dog can be easily administered mixed with food, or directly into the mouth with the aid of a syringe without a needle.

RESPITA PETS it can be of help in the management of respiratory problems in pets. It is a complementary feed for dogs and cats, a natural solution for aerosols rich in synergistic plant extracts with balsamic, bronchial catarrh fluidifying and cough soothing properties. It protects against irritating external factors and contributes to the well-being of the respiratory tract, giving the animal immediate relief.

PNEUMO VENT is a complementary feed for horses rich in plant extracts with balsamic properties including thyme and eucalyptus. It helps decongest the airways and is easy to administer. It does not contain animal extracts or dyes and is not doping. It is useful for racing horses, to facilitate breathing, and as an adjuvant in case of colds with cough, irritation and phlegm.


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