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UNION BIO seeks solutions and creates natural products for the care and well-being of dogs, cats and horses and for the protection and hygiene of the places where we live. THINKING THE ENVIRONMENT is an attitude that guides us in company policies and in daily life. Our products are formulated as the result of a continuous synergy between scientific research, innovation and knowledge of plants. NATURE is our bioinspiration. Our vocation is to the values ​​of life, nature, safety, echoes of the environment, with a look towards the future.

NO FLYING INSECTS Medical Surgical Unit

Repellent tiger mosquito, ant, dust mite.
With geraniol, an active ingredient of plant origin, essential oils and functional plant extracts.
Formulation resulting from Union BIO scientific research
Ready to use, for indoor and outdoor environments.
Protect your spaces, effective.
Environmental diffusion with a pleasant fragrance.

Medical Surgical Unit
Registration of the Ministry of Health n ° 20633
"Carefully read the warnings or instructions for use - Authorization Min. Of 30/09/2020"

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October 2021

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