Rosemary: history, properties and benefits


Let's discover Rosemary, its history and its countless properties

Rosemary: Classification

Rosemary is classified in the rosemary family Lamiaceae, belonging to the genus Rosmarinus officinalis.

It is present along all the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and also on the slopes of the southern regions of our country (up to 1200 m altitude).

It is a shrub with evergreen leaves no more than 2 meters high, the leaves are needle-like, leathery and persistent, dark green in colour.

It produces blue, lilac and sometimes white-pink inflorescences which, where there are warmer climates, can bloom all year round, while in northern Italy only from spring to late summer.

Rosemary is known for its balsamic properties, diuretic e healing and is also used against respiratory system diseases.

Rosemary: A little history

Ancient peoples considered it an exceptional plant for its therapeutic abilities and aromatic qualities.

I Romans they made it become the symbol of love and death, in honor of the gods they burned the twigs to purify the air during sacrifices. The ancients Egyptians they considered it as a magical element that gave immortality since after the twigs were cut they remained fresh over time.

Starting from the XNUMXth century, in French court, began to prepare an alcoholic drink called "Queen of Hungary's Water" by distilling two parts of flowers and three of alcohol, considered a cure-all: Louis XVI used it to cure gout. Since the nineteenth century, Rosemary has also been used to prepare cologne.

Today, in addition to being an ornamental plant and also used in the culinary field, the main uses of Rosemary concern the use pharmacological, phytotherapeutic e cosmetic of its essential oil.

Rosemary: benefits and uses

Thanks to its numerous properties, Rosemary is used for both external and internal use. The essential oil is used internally through the use of Dietary Supplements for digestive disorders, or to carry out treatments if flu or sinusitis is present, in these cases it is recommended to pour 5 or 6 drops of oil into a liter of hot, but not boiling, water.

In aromatherapy, the essential oil is used to ease nervous tension caused for example by performance anxiety or also to stimulate memory and concentration.

Thanks to his pesticide properties it can be applied to the fur of animals and used in formulating shampoos or creams thanks to its contribution in strengthening the hair and facilitating its growth.

UNION BIO recommends

For over 20 years, the scientific and working community of Union BIO has dedicated i results of studies and research in the field of phytotherapy formulating safe and effective products. In our laboratories constant updating guides us in the formulation of the products, but above all in the synergy between ingredients of plant origin enhanced by our exclusive MATRIX UB®, registered trademark, extract of the olive tree, fruit of Union BIO scientific research, which strengthens and consolidates the properties of the formulations.

Among our products, here are some that contain Rosemary plant extract:

WEEK WASH it is a delicate shampoo, capable of cleansing without drying or destructuring the skin and is particularly suitable for frequent washing. It produces a very light foam thanks to its natural ingredients and is easy to rinse.

The products of the line PHYTONOPICK (ampoules, lotion and shampoo) contain Rosemary plant extract in their formulations. These products protect our 4 paws in a natural way and they are a valid alternative to chemically synthesized products to be used while respecting the environment, the animals themselves and people, including children.

EQUINOPICK is a lotion for the natural protection of horses with a barrier effect, especially useful during the hot-humid season. Its particular oil-gel formulation, in contact with the heat of the animal's body, allows the plant extracts, including Rosemary, to release all their protective properties. It is a delicate product that does not irritate the skin and is ideal in preparation for and after walks and outdoor activities.

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