Katy and her Sunday: find out how to use Union BIO products

Katy with her Sunday shows us how some of our products are used.

Watch the video and find out how to take care of your horse in a natural and safe way!


The products used by Katy are:

No Bite Therapy is a complementary feed for horses formulated with plant extracts including Echinacea (known to have immunomodulatric propertiesnatural), Garlic and Aloe. 
It creates a physical antifeeding barrier to culicoids and other insects in the sweating phase. Naturally supports the immune system and fortifies the body's defenses.
Contains vitamins and minerals that support performance and endurance. Useful in case of summer dermatitis. It is not doping.

Equilux is a strengthening and restructuring gel for tail and mane with synergistic plant extracts including Aloe e Linen, strengthened by the UB MATRIX, extract of the olive tree, the result of Union BIO scientific research
It restores vitality and brightness to dull and fragile hair, softens and detangles the hair.
It is also useful in case of dandruff and relieves any skin itchiness at the junction of the tail and mane.
It helps to thicken tail and mane.

Equidermis is a lotion with plant extracts that help restore the compromised elasticity of the cute and to revitalize it by bringing it back to its normal physiological state.
Moisturizes and protects, it is useful in case of itching thanks to the presence of Aloe and the natural properties of its ingredients.
Indicated in case of sensitized and damaged skin as it supports the skin regeneration process.


To follow Katy:
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Instagram: @katypustovarov
Youtube Instagram: @equestriankaty
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