Shea Butter: history, properties and benefits

Let's find out the Shea Butter, its history and its many properties.

Shea Butter: classification

Il Shea Butter is a fatty substance obtained from the seeds of the Vitellaria Paradoxus (o Butyrospermum parkii), belonging to the Sapotaceae family.

This woody plant with a tall trunk, which can reach 10-15 m in height, with dark green leaves grouped at the end of the branches, grows spontaneously in Central Africa.

I fruits, similar to plums, enclose within them one or two stones. The traditional production method foresees that they are harvested from mid-June to mid-September. After a series of processes, butter is obtained, composed mainly of fatty acids, yellowish in color and with a sweetish smell.

The African populations, who have used Shea Butter since ancient times, call the plant "tree of health and youth"Precisely for the beneficial properties of its nuts, including those moisturizersnutrients, emollients, regenerating.

Shea Butter: a bit of history

The first evidence of the existence of Shea Butter dates back to 1352, by the Sultan of Morocco Batouta who knew this product in Mali. After many years, in 1780, the Scottish explorer Mungo Park, going up the Gambia river came into contact with this substance. In his diary he told that the African tribes cut down the forests to make room for the houses, but they left the Shea trees intact. A clear indication of how much the indigenous peoples recognized the importance of this plant. It was thanks to this explorer that Europe got to know Shea Butter.

In Africa, its preparation is a matter that concerns almost exclusively women and it often turns out to be an excellent means of economic support for families. According to tradition, women are considered the guardians of the sacred shea shrub which, according to a legend, houses one spirit that only the dances and songs of the women can satisfy.

Another one legend he says that one day a woman expressed her desire to have a child to a shea tree. Following the instructions of the village sorcerer, she kept seven balls of butter inside an empty gourd placed at the base of the shrub and prayed for seven evenings in a row. Eventually the butter turned into a beautiful little girl, but she became butter again when the men of the village forced her to work in the sun, causing her to melt.

Shea Butter: Benefits and Uses

Due to its particular and multiple characteristics, Shea Butter is used in the field feed but above all in cosmetics.

Given its rich and varied composition it features moisturizing, emollient, nourishing, regenerating, antioxidant properties. For this it is part of the composition of numerous cosmetic products, such as soaps, ointments and creams.

It is a valuable ally in case of chapped skin and dry hair, skin redness, irritation and sunburn, dermatitis and erythema. Rich in vitamins, Shea Butter is also great anti-aging as it counteracts cellular aging and prevents wrinkles.

All skin types can benefit from the use of Shea Butter as it is nourishes and moisturizes deep, gives elasticity and tone, fights the stretch marks and favors the production of collagen. It also creates a protective film that protects the skin from external aggressions.

Union BIO recommends

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