Lemongrass: history, properties and benefits

Let's find out what the Citronella, its history and its property as a repellent against insects, especially mosquitoes.

Lemongrass: classification

La Citronella (scientific name cymbopogon - popular name Lemongrass) is a perennial herbaceous plant, of the grass family, with a bushy habit, 60 to 120 cm tall. Native to South Asia, it loves hot and humid climates.

Its stem is erect and with ribbon-like and drooping leaves of an intense green color. which emanate a pleasant citrus scent. They are mowed at the base every 3-4 months to be dried or subjected to distillation to obtain the essential oil.

There are about fifty species, but those that are used for the production of the essence are mainly two: Cymbopogon Nardus e Cymbopogon winterianus.

Lemongrass: a bit of history

Although originally from the Far East, it has been known in Europe since ancient times. This is evidenced by its botanical name which derives from Greek word "pogon" which means beard, and refers to the feathery appearance of its inflorescences. Apparently they were the soldiers of Alessandro Magno to spread the plant in the West, after having met it in India where it was called "fever grass" because it is used to combat malarial fevers.

In the past an oil was obtained which was also used in cosmetics and, in Middle Ages, mixed with olive oil, myrrh and cinnamon was used in sacred celebrations.

To date theEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) considers Citronella oil a bio-insecticide with a low-impact mechanism of action. As it has no toxicity, it is in fact considered safe for humans, animals and the environment.


Lemongrass: Benefits and Uses

Mostly known for her own repellent effects against mosquitoes, used for the production of lotions, sprays, candles, etc., Citronella also has many other properties.

It's great antioxidant as well as one antiseptic, antimicrobial e analgesic. Used for the treatment of flu symptoms and in the case of digestive difficulties, it is also useful to combat insomnia.

The infusion of Lemongrass significantly lowers the levels of cholesterol and it is a valid diuretic.

As already mentioned, its ability to repel mosquitoes is the best known but, dried and stored in drawers, it also keeps away the intestines.

Especially in the East it is also used in the traditional cuisine e infused with tea, giving the drink a lemon flavor making the use of citrus unnecessary.


Union BIO recommends

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