Lavender: history, properties and benefits

lavender essence

Let's find out what the Lavender, its history and its many properties.


Lavender: classification

La Lavender is a herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean basin, belonging to the Lamiaceae family.

It develops in the form of a shrub and usually reaches a maximum height of about half a meter and tends to develop very wide.

Her fragrant flowers they appear in summer giving life to wonderful fields.

Lavender is very hardy and survives even in adverse weather conditions. It is a rustic plant that grows spontaneously and the cultivation, both on the ground and in pots is not particularly difficult.


There are about forty varieties which differ in aesthetics, color, size and intensity of the perfume. Instead, they have in common the ability to grow even in situations of dry climate and the properties of the extract obtained from them.


Lavender: a bit of history

Among numerous legends related to Lavender, the oldest is certainly the one it concerns Venus. It was believed that thanks to her lavender scent the Goddess could attract men by putting love spells into action.

The legend that associates the Lavandula girl at the birth of Lavender in Provence, where today there are boundless fields of this plant. It is said that the fair-haired, blue-eyed fairy one day began looking for a place to live by leafing through a book of landscapes. At the sight of the poor wastelands of Provence she began to cry, staining her page with blue. Since then, large expanses of Lavender began to emerge in those deserted areas.

But what is the true origin of this plant? The history of Lavender definitely has distant roots, however, it is difficult to reconstruct the path, because the ancient sources available are often inconsistent with each other.

What we do know is that the ancients Egyptians they used it to prepare ointments for mummification. It is reported that Tutankhamun's tomb, when it was discovered, still smelled after centuries!

I Greek, which I called "Nardo" from the name of the city they believed to be original, used it to perfume the waters of the thermal baths and in preparations for body care.

Il name "Lavender" in fact it comes from the Latin word “wash”, confirming its use, since ancient times, for detergent and deodorant use.

Wandering monks spread it throughout Europe. Ancient herbal knowledge discovered that a powerful perfumed distillate and by beneficial effects.


Lavender: benefits and uses

The properties attributed toessential oil extracted from the Lavender plant are numerous. It can be found as an ingredient in many products antiinflammatory, antimicrobials e antispasmodic.

Lavender is also useful in case of anxiety and agitation o to combat insomnia, as was also shown by the report of the EMA (European Medicines Agency) "European Medicines Agency, Medicinal product of plant origin: summary for the public, Lavender essential oil Lavandula angustifolia, Mill., Aetheroleum. "

Massaging the temples with lavender oil is considered an excellent remedy Stress and against the headache. Thanks to its balsamic action, this plant is also used to treat symptoms from cooling, to decongest the respiratory tract.

perfume with Lavender it is possible to use the dried flowers of the plant or the essential oil with a diffuser or a burner.

Lavender also has an action repellent. In fact, even though many of us love the scent, mosquitoes, flies and other insects don't like it.

As for our friends animals, the properties of this plant can be useful for them to keep parasites like fleas and ticks away. Lavender-based lotions and shampoos contribute to their hygiene.


Union BIO recommends

For over 20 years, the scientific and working community of Union BIO has dedicated i results of studies and research in the field of phytotherapy by formulating safe and effective products.

In our laboratories a constant updating guides us in the formulation of the products, but above all in the synergy between ingredients of plant origin enhanced by our exclusive MATRIX UB®, registered trademark, extract of the olive tree, fruit of Union BIO scientific research, which strengthens and consolidates the properties of the formulations.

Among our products, here are some that contain the vegetable extract of Lavender:

STERYLWASH Tea tree and Lavender

STERILWASH is a concentrated natural sanitizing detergent for all washable surfaces. Can be used for wash and sanitize all surfaces and all types of flooring including parquet and washing machine for washing pet accessories and clothing.

Perfect for environments where pets, children and all those who need greater hygienic guarantees live. It is rich in essential oils capable of triggering a positive competition against residues and allergens. It does not cover odors, but eliminates them by leaving one on the surfaces and in the environment pleasant and persistent fragrance of Lavender. There is no need to rinse. He doesn't leave streaks.

lavender essence


You know, the cat is a real passionate about hygiene! He loves to spend most of his time licking and grooming his fur. However, the cleaning done independently is not always enough and the attempt to give him a bath can be difficult. In these cases it can be useful CAT DETERGENTa ready to use lotion, easy to use is no need to rinse. Gently cleanses the fur, neutralizes the animal's odor and deodorizes with one pleasant fragrance of Lavender.


LENI PICK is a soothing after-bite gel based on plant extracts including Arnica, Aloe, Acacia and Lavender. With a calming, refreshing, soothing, decongestant action.

Ideal for giving relief after stings of insects (mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horseflies) and after contact with jellyfish e stinging plants. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin such as those of children. It is not greasy and leaves a delicate scent. Dermatologically tested. Without ammonia, alcohol and parabens.

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