The Devil's Claw… wears UNION BIO!

An excellent remedy in case of rheumatic pain, arthrosis, tendon inflammation, neck pain, back pain and muscle pain of various kinds is undoubtedly theDevil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens).

This precious element that nature gives us is a perennial herb of the family of Pedaliaceae. Its bizarre name, which brings to mind something hostile, derives from the presence of hooked spines, hard and similar to "claws", Which often represent a danger, and are therefore considered"fiendish”For many animals that can get entangled. Its flowers are red-violet.

Her analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties they are contained in the active ingredients (harpagosides) present in the secondary lateral roots of the plant, which has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine of many peoples, starting with the South African ones.

To obtain even more beneficial beneficial effects, the ideal combination is with another natural anti-inflammatory, theArnica. It is a plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae, with the appearance of small annual or perennial herbaceous plants with a typical daisy inflorescence.

Like us, also the animals they can suffer from muscle and tendon pains, undergo beating or trauma and develop edemas and hematomas. In response to these problems or in case of intense physical activity of ours horses, the scientific staff of UNION BIO has created two formulations: TRAUMAplus e Sprint Plus.

Rich in natural synergistic extracts, enhanced by our UB® MATRIX (registered trademark, aqueous extract of Olea europaea, polyvalent active phytocomplex), are strengthened compared to the already consolidated ones Equitrauma e Equisprint with the Devil's Claw, which gives it an additional beneficial effect in terms of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.



Immediate relief gel, based on Arnica Montana e Devil's claw. The presence of the latter makes it doping and therefore not suitable for competitions. Useful for older horses, for trekking horses, for hippotherapy and whenever you want to give relief to the horse

Sprint Plus

Heat effect gel with Capsicum e Devil's claw. The presence of the latter makes it doping and therefore not suitable for competitions. Useful for older horses, with chronic arthritic and rheumatic pains.


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ARNICA HELP99 is a body massage gel with the molecular complex of ARNICA MONTANA which ensures a high concentration of active ingredients and which, in synergy with DEVIL'S CLAW e ACACIA, completes its functionality.
Its refreshing and soothing action gives aimmediate feeling of relief to the affected skin areas.
It does not contain petroleum derivatives, dyes, PEG, SLS, SLES and it is dermatologically tested.


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