In the stable with Chiara and Katy: how to use Union BIO products


We have known Chiara e Katy at Fieracavalli Verona 2019. They told us about their passion for horse riding and their boundless love for their mares, Grace Kelly e Sunday.

They tried ours natural products and in their videos they talk to us about how they use and bring us in the stable to let us see their application up close.

You can follow them on their Instagram pages @thebuckskinpony and @equestriankaty and on their Youtube channels Clare Manfredini e Equestrian katy.

Good vision!





The products used by Chiara and Katy are:

EQUITRAUMA: Arnica immediate natural relief gel

EQUIPROFESSESONAL: natural grease for the hoof

EQUILUX: natural gel for tail and mane

EQUIDERMA: natural skin lotion






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