TRAUMAplus: the arnica gel in the new 250mL format

TRAUMAplus, the instant relief gel with Arnica e Devil's claw, useful in post-trauma treatment for muscles, tendons and joints, it is now available in NEW FORMAT OF 250 mL.

Like us, animals can also suffer from muscle and tendon pain, suffer from beating or trauma and develop edema and hematomas.

In response to these problems or in case of intense physical activity of ours horses, TRAUMAplus has been formulated.

  • Promptly active on edemas and hematomas
  • Also useful in case of rheumatic and arthritic pain
  • Allows use for long periods
  • Di easy to use e sure
  • Useful for elderly horses, trekking, for hippotherapy and whenever you want to give relief to the horse

THEArnica montana it is a plant belonging to the family of Asteraceae, grows in high mountain meadows and its yellow-orange flowers bloom during the summer. Since ancient times it has been known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antiseptic properties, useful in the treatment of muscle pain, trauma and inflammation.

THEDevil's claw is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Pedaliaceae. Its bizarre name, which brings to mind something hostile, derives from the shape of its fruits, hard and covered with "claws", which often represent a danger, and are therefore considered "diabolical", for many animals that can get entangled. Its flowers are red-violet. Her analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties they are contained in the active ingredients (harpagosidi)) present in the secondary lateral roots of the plant, used for centuries in the traditional medicine of many peoples, starting from the South African ones.
The presence of this precious natural element makes TRAUMAplus a doping gel and therefore not suitable for competitions.

Discover the new format of TRAUMAplus 250 mL, practical and easy to use, click Thu!

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