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During wintertime when the temperature lowers, even our four-legged friends need protection from the cold.

What could we do to help dogs and cats to face freezing temperatures?

Not all the furry friends can rely on cozy warmth places, therefore if our pets live outdoor we should make sure of the presence of a spot which would allow them to find a dry repair.

In their pet house, rather made of insulating materials and placed away from cold fronts, we can put some pile blankets and towels, that need changing in case it rains or snows.

We should also pay attention to drinking water: it is a good thing to change it more times a day preventing its freezing.

To offer the best comfort, it is fundamental that they could live in a clean place and what is better than a cleanser to create an adverse environment for bacterial growth?



It’s chilly, do I really need to go out?

Even if the cold does not entice to go out, we should not avoid the daily walk with our dog, you may restrict the length, in particular when it is snowing or freezing and during the coolest hours of the day.

When at home, if it got wet in the rain, in the snow or because of the damp, it is essential to dry it off properly.

Other than sanitizing and removing the odour, the pet hair and paws cleaning is beneficial to create a good relationship with your four-legged friend, it can be cuddle time impressing into its mind your presence.

Have you ever tried DETERGIF DOG?  It is a natural cleansing lotion that releases a unique citrus fragrance neutralising bad odour, even wet dog smell.

Can my dog walk in snow?
Of course! With just few tricks. If you live in a city that gets lots of snow and ice the salt is spread on the streets, coming back home it is essential to check that the paws are not itchy or wounded, to clean them properly and to apply a lotion or a soothing cream, if necessary.

Lastly, pay attention to jumps in temperature because in wintertime even our pet friends may experience cold diseases and respiratory tract inflammation.
What should we do? Do not keep high temperature at home and, before going out, wait some minutes in the hall to allow the adaptation and if the dog is short-haired use a doggy coat.
If our furry friend got sick, don’t panic: there are useful natural products to soothe its cough and to decongest the respiratory tract.

Who is caring about stray animals?
Taking care of your pet is important, no doubt, but we should not forget the less blessed…
If you have blankets on the shelf, give them to a kennel, the four-legged guests will be very grateful.
And if you have the chance, why do not buy some feeding to community cats? Even a small gesture is a big help.




Dog with envelope.