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Union B.I.O reaps the benefits of the work of the Institute of Scientific Analysis and Research “Labor Chimica Srl” and “Labor Group”. The scientific team, multidisciplinary and comprised mainly of women, decided to slow down the race and be more devote to the environment, creating the company Union B.I.O Srl in 2000.


The MATRICE U.B.® is a registered trademark, result of the Union B.I.O scientific research. It is extracted from one of the oldest and most noble plant: the olive tree. It is able to synergize and enhance the properties of medicinal plants, making the products safe, exclusive, efficient, with repeatable and reliable effects.

Our guiding principles:

  • Scientific research investments : our laboratories collaborate with prestigious Italian universities (pharmaceutical chemistry college and veterinary medicine college)
  • Protection of the environment: the motto “Thinking Environment” guides Union B.I.O. in defining the corporate policies, in the materials choices and in the daily way of life.

All our formulations:

  • contain 100% natural certificated essential oils
  • do not contain chemicals
  • are non-toxic for animals, man and environment
  • do not contain dyes and animal extracts
  • are not tested on animals
  • GMO free
  • comply with CITES
  • BSE-TSE / PCBS- SARS free
  • are not treated with ionizing radiation
  • solvent free
  • pesticides residues free
  • gluten free
  • glucose free
  • latex free
  • do not contain residues of heavy metals


This company is composed by a Bolivian scientific team that, by using two extractors ultimate in technology, deal with the extraction of the active ingredients from plants. Today this mutual cooperation allows them to work in the human science supported by the scientific research and the innovation of Union B.I.O. and allows Union B.I.O. to use active, titrated, safe and efficient active ingredients.

ANT.ER.LUX onlus

ANTEROLUX ONLUS is an intercultural association that promotes the cultural project of sharing and researching “PARA VIVIR BIEN”, not only with Bolivia, but in every part of the history and of the universe, wherever there is someone who take care of the ecosystem.

Union B.I.O products are not assembled but are specially formulated as the result of an accurate and continuous collaboration between scientific research, innovation, knowledge of plants and their active principles according to the GMP (Good manufacturing practice). They are dedicated to the care and beauty of the animals.



UNION B.I.O. a PestEx 2019, Londra 20-21 marzo

UNION B.I.O. al PestEx di Londra, 20-21 marzo 2019.

UNION B.I.O. A DISINFESTANDO 2019, Milano 6-7 marzo

Il 6 e 7 Marzo 2019 Union B.I.O. è presente alla 6^ Edizione di DISINFESTANDO, la Fiera della Disinfestazione italiana.

INTIMA PETS: benessere e igiene intima per cani e gatti

INTIMA PETS, lavaggio intimo per cane e gatto. Naturale e sicuro, rinfrescante, utile nella detersione quotidiana o periodica delle parti più delicate.

Cold weather alert: some tips to aid our four-legged friends

During wintertime when the temperature lowers, even our four-legged friends need protection from the cold. What could we do to help dogs and cats to face freezing temperatures?

Allarme freddo: qualche consiglio per aiutare i nostri amici a quattro zampe

3 Minuti di LetturaDurante l’inverno, con l’abbassarsi delle temperature, anche i nostri amici a quattro zampe hanno bisogno di essere protetti dal freddo. Cosa possiamo fare per aiutare cani e gatti ad affrontare le basse temperature? Non tutti i pelosi possono contare su una casa che garantisca loro calore e accoglienza quindi, se i nostri animali vivono all’aperto, dobbiamo assicurarci che abbiano un posto che gli permetta di stare al riparo e all’asciutto. Nella loro cuccia, possibilmente costruita con materiali …read more →

STERYLIND: daily cleaning of spaces where dogs and cats live

1 Minuti di LetturaSTERYLIND is a detergent useful to cleanse the spaces where dogs and cats are living, petbeds, sofas, carpets, pet carriers, car upholstery, grooming tools, etc… Purify does not mean just deodorise, but also to create disadvantageous environments for the bacterial growths, neutralising pet odour and all the odour coming from the bacterial fermentation.   It is a ready/easy to use and no rinse product, it can be mist onto any surface. STERYLIND is a precious help both …read more →

STERYLIND: pulizia quotidiana degli ambienti frequentati da cani e gatti

1 Minuti di LetturaSTERYLIND è un detergente utile per igienizzare gli ambienti frequentati da cani e gatti, cucce, divani, tappeti, trasportini, tappezzeria dell’auto, attrezzatura per toelettatura, ecc. Igienizzare non vuol dire solo deodorare, ma creare un ambiente sfavorevole alla crescita batterica, neutralizzando l’odore dell’animale e l’odore derivato dalle fermentazioni batteriche.   È un prodotto pronto uso di facile applicazione, che non necessita di risciacquo e può essere nebulizzato su qualsiasi tipo di superficie. STERYLIND è un valido aiuto sia in …read more →

SEDAGOLA: age-old tradition and scientific research

1 Minuti di LetturaWe cherish the past and the age-old tradition of the phytotherapy joined to the scientific research of our labs. We formulated SEDAGOLA, it decongests the respiratory tracts of your dog… natural, safe, immediate relief!             It is a complementary feed for dogs made of herbal active extracts. It calms both dry and wet cough. Preservatives free and dye-free. Containing synergetic natural extracts, such as Mint, Eucalyptus and Thyme. THYME: from Greek “thymos” …read more →

SEDAGOLA: tradizione millenaria e ricerca scientifica

1 Minuti di LetturaFacciamo tesoro del passato e della tradizione millenaria della fitoterapia coniugata alla ricerca scientifica dei nostri laboratori. Abbiamo formulato SEDAGOLA, decongestionante delle vie respiratorie per il tuo cane… naturale, sicuro, sollievo immediato! È un mangime complementare per cani a base di principi attivi vegetali. Calma la tosse, sia grassa che secca. Senza coloranti e conservanti. Contiene estratti naturali sinergici come Menta, Eucalipto e Timo. TIMO: dal greco “thymos” = profumare. Sedativo e disinfettante. EUCALIPTO: azione balsamica, fluidificante ed espettorante. …read more →

The devil’s claw… wears UNION B.I.O.!

2 Minuti di LetturaIn case of rheumatic pain, arthrosis, tendon inflammation, neck pain, back pain and muscle pain of various types, a great remedy is undoubtfully the devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens). This precious element from the nature is a perennial herbaceous of the family of the Pedaliacee. Its bizzarre name reminds something hostile, and it derives from the hooked shape of its fruits, which are hard and covered of “claws” often representing a danger for many animals, they are considered …read more →








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